2048 Lines game

"2048 Lines" combines the logic number-puzzle with the fast gameplay of well-known block-dropping games. “2048 Lines” is played on a 5x5 grid. The player's task is to place the number-blocks displayed at the bottom of the board on the grid in a way that two or more number-blocks of the same value collide and merge into one number-block with the total value of the colliding blocks. The placed number-blocks - slowly but steadily falling from the top of the board - will force the player to act quickly and to merge already placed and new number-blocks. The game is over when the falling blocks reach the bottom of the board. To prevent this, the player has numerous power-ups at his disposal. How long can you survive? Play “2048 Lines” now for free and find out!

How to Play:

In "2048 Lines," your quick wit and agility are vital tools. The game progresses by connecting numbered cubes on the grid. The main goal is to align similar numbers together efficiently, allowing them to merge and create higher values. This process continues, with each connection increasing the total score until no moves remain. Plus, the clock is ticking - act fast!

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