Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes game

Although Adam and Eve: Cut The Ropes is based on the well-known Cut The Ropes, it has a different feel. This is one of the installments of Adam And Eve and you can play other installments. There are 60 physics-based puzzles and you have to find the best way to solve each of them. In each level, Adam is hung by snake-ropes in different ways. You have to cut the rope to help him land on the position where his lovely Eve is waiting. However, Eve won’t be happy if he doesn’t bring back anything.

Then, try to collect as many apples as possible. Adam is not only traped by only one rope but several ones. In that situation, you have to choose to cut the ropes in the right order. By doing that, you can collect all apples and land safely. On ABCya3, this game doesn’t require you to collect 3 apples to finish each level. Here, you have to fulfill 2 requirements: collect at least one apple and land next to Eve. However, the more apples you get, the more points you get.

This game has similar gameplay to Cut The Rope if you have played that popular title before but you still find something different here and enjoy the enjoyable gaming experience. Easy to play but hard to master, this makes the game more engaging. You need to take action at the right time to reach the highest achievement. It’s a physics-based puzzle game, then there is no power-up or hint here. Let’s conquer each level by yourself. 

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Instructions: Left mouse to cut the snake-ropes.

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