Adam and Eve: Zombies game

Adam and Eve are here in another installment of the Adam and Eve series that many players love to play. Adam and Eve: Zombies is a point-and-click puzzle game like other sequels of this series available at This time, you will come to the world of zombies to help Adam back to his wife. Eve is waiting for him. Whether he can meet his lovely Eve or not, it depends on you.

Here, you and Adam won’t have to kill zombies with weapons. Your main goal is to lead him to pass the zombies and other obstacles safely. Don’t make any zombies notice the existence of Adam. Otherwise, he is in trouble. This game won’t be clearly divided into several levels. You will auto-move to the next level once you finish the current one. The game tests your brain with different situations in which you have to make use of objects around to open the way for Adam. Open the doors, find the keys, use different machines and even build bridges, do whatever you have to do to conquer all hazardous situations.

Some levels require you to find the solution within a given time and some don’t. Depend on each level, you adapt the requirements and clear your mission. The journey is long and filled with dangers. To reunite with Eve, Adam has to deal with so many obstacles. However, he will be fine with your help, won’t he? Prove that you’re good at solving the puzzle. No puzzle can beat you, right? Enjoy this game and explore other great options on our site.

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