Arabian Night 1001 game

Most of us have been familiar with the mysterious stories of the Arabian Night 1001 as a child with pirates, genies, wishes, and such. Let's hop into this game of ABCya 4 kids with the idea based on the original book of Arabian Nights and the gameplay based on the hidden game. Your job is simply to conquer the tasks of this interactive game by searching for the items as mentioned on the list.

There will be beautiful Persian background and scenes for you to explore while becoming a Sultan in Arabian Nights! Listening to the story of Aladdin and Ali Baba while looking for the hidden genies among this stuff to unlock more and more stories on the way. The key to complete the game is to unlock all stories with bookmarks to match the game stage and plot progress. If you can read along with the story in a logical order, that's the right piece. The game contains more than 10 different types of hidden tasks to make it fresher and keep things challenging for the advanced players as well.

Will you be able to read all the exotic stories of pirates and lamps in this game? Feel free to replay the scene to re-read the story and tackle the challenge again for more experience as there is no limitation in this game. Another thing to keep in mind is to pick a proper item on the story screen, you can interact with the doors, locks, boxes, and so on. Start the adventure to the exotic land of genies and win more games like Papa Cherry Saga and Dr Panda Daycare with a similar puzzle theme!

How to play: Click on the objects to pick them up, use the mouse to move and interact.

Published by company: Human Soft, Inc
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