Ball Legs 3D game

Cross obstacles to moving quickly and reach the finish line safely against other opponents in Ball Legs 3d. ABCya3 game expands the player's game space. You will compete against three AI opponents and the victory belongs to the first player to the finish line. Control your little ball, move fast, roll, walk, and pass other players. Relax with this special journey and offer new ways to play for any player who joins each journey. What's your favorite new pick? Unlock different races and conquer all online challenges.

Players love the online game version we have. Learn to take on new quests and share gameplay with friends. Everyone has the opportunity to join a new exciting journey. Get ready to be a good player today. This is a difficult game. You may lose from the first entries. Then practice your new way of moving to cross all the roads and obstacles of this journey. Are you ready for online options today? Complete our excellent gameplay with new ways to play. Any challenge will attract players to participate in their spare time.

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Controls game:

Left click to accelerate, release mouse to cross obstacles different

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