Banana Duck game

Banana Duck is a cute little platformer game at ABCya3 where you play as a duckling and need to find all the keys to unlock the closed doors and catch the bananas. Jump on platforms and overcome as many spikes and traps as you can to explore new places. 

The game drops you into the webbed feet of a quirky yet lovable duck, on a seemingly insatiable quest for bananas. It's as if you've always yearned for a banana smoothie, only to find yourself encumbered by an ominous fridge bearing nothing but rogue tomatoes and rebellious carrots. The thrill intensifies as you realize you are this adorable waterfowl that cannot swim and - yes, it's as dramatic as it sounds - dies upon touching water.

The graphics are stunningly presented in pixel-games style. Each frame is a testament to the attention to detail that has been lavished upon this game. As far as animal-games go, Banana Duck stands tall among its peers with its engaging gameplay and an incredibly intuitive interface.

Have you been in a situation where you are craving bananas, but the only things left in the fridge are tomatoes and carrots and you are also a duck that can't swim and dies when it touches the water? If so, search no more, I've got the perfect game that realistically simulates your troubled situation. With Banana Duck, you will experience the sweet taste of pursuing bananas and avoiding all the evil vegetables and saw blades that are there for absolutely no reason. Enjoy!

How to play:

Tap or click.

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CYFO Games

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