Basketball Kings 2024 game

Basketball Kings 2024 is a fun basketball shooting game and your main goal is to shoot the ball into the hoop. Test your skills by reaching high scores to unlock new balls. Each ball has its own unique properties affecting speed, bounce and control - adding another layer to choose your play style. Accumulate scored points and unlock balls and ball venues.

Enter one of the four beautifully designed basketball courts, each captivating in their uniqueness. Whether it's under the bright city lights or in a rustic street corner, players are guaranteed a fresh and immersive basketball universe wherever they go. The setting is not just visually stunning but it aims to test your agility and adaptability on varying courts, making your victories all the more satisfying.

You're handed control over your destiny as you zero-in on the hoop - it's just you, the ball, and that beckoning basket. With an intuitive shooting mechanism that replicates real-life physics, it feels as if you're actually shooting hoops on a warm summer evening. The game rewards precision and timing over blind luck - providing a fair and engaging gaming experience.

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Instruction to play:

Using Mouse and Keyboard

Published by company:

Inlogic Software

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