Boboiboy Galaxy Run game

Boboiboy Galaxy Run is a parkour shooting adventure game. Protect the energy ball and save the galaxy from the villains! Unlock characters and use their powers. Watch out for the monsters on the way and shoot to defeat them. Be careful not to fall off the platform, you will be caught by the enemy. Come and play!

A guy named Boboboy travels to various planets in the Galaxy and fights against various villains. You in the game Boboiboy Galaxy Run will help the character in this adventure. In front of you, your character will be visible on the screen, which will be located in a certain location. Using the control keys you will guide his actions. Your hero will have to run forward on the surface of the planet, gradually picking up speed. On his way there will be spikes sticking out of the ground, dips and other dangers. You will make the hero jump and fly through the air through all these dangers. Having met the enemy, you will shoot at him with clots of fire. Thus, you will destroy opponents and get points for it. Also help the guy to collect various useful items scattered throughout his path.


Slide control

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Gameloft SE

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