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Stay at home but you can travel around the world, why not? Bon Voyage will make your dream come true. This is a fun match-3 puzzle game about traveling that promises to bring you the best gaming experience that you always have at…. The game offers more than 500 levels with different missions. Like other match-3 puzzle games, you have to collect a certain number of some items in each level to advance. The first city you will explore in Paris. After conquering all levels of this city, you will travel to the new destination.

The gameplay is familiar but it doesn’t mean this game has nothing special and unique. It still gives you a refreshing experience. You can play as a guest or create an account to save your progress. Each level requires you to use a certain number of moves to finish your mission. Here, you can create some special items that help you reach your goal faster. On ABCya3 , with a combination of 4 identical items, you have striped lighting. If you combine it with more than 2 items of the same type, all items of a column or a row will be removed.

When you make a T-shape combination of 5 identical items, you create a crossed lightning. This will remove all items of a column and a row at the same time when you activate it. Make an L-shape combination of 5 identical items and you have a bomb. Make a combination of 5 identical items in a row to create a rainbow crystal and swap this rainbow crystal with any items around it to break all items of the same type. Besides, let’s make a combination of 2 special items to see what will happen. Have fun and don’t forget to travel to other games such as Color Puzzle and Who Was Who.

Instructions: Use your mouse to swap the position of 2 items.

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Duck Rockets

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