Break Your Brain game

Your usual logical thinking and basic style of solving daily problems will not be applied here at Break Your Brain as this unusual puzzle from ABCya-3 require a bit of thinking outside the box! Find out the most creative ways and different methods to solve the available problems in this intellectual game. Depending on each stage's difficulty level, the question that you are tackling will vary. It can be one of the main themes, ranging from math questions, and riddle solving questions, to color identifying and so on.

The final objective for all stages will be to find the final answers that fit the game's results. If you are good at coming up with both logical answers and creative ones, these puzzles will be a good option for your playtime! Pick the right solution or draw up one so that you can crack the current level and move toward the next one. Go further and beyond with increasing scores and complicated tasks. Time is also of the essence as this game requires the players to record their usage in terms of time. The less time you wasted while solving one stage, the higher your stars will be. Could you record a total of three stars for all levels, regardless of layout, difficulty, and other elements? Getting the final solution might come off as pretty easy if you understand the basics of the game mechanism. Enjoy this new lovely game of puzzles for kids on both mobiles and PC whenever you have some free time!

Controlling keys:

Use the mouse to hover and choose the answers.

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Mirra Games

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