Brick Breaker Galaxy Defense game

Brick BreakerGalaxy Defense is an arcade and puzzle game in which you must destroy giant walls made of bricks with diverse attributes. You are a fan of arcade game of the old times and nothing pleases you as much as taking out your old consoles In this case Brick Breaker Galaxy Defense is the perfect game for you In this brand new adaptation of this great classical game you take control of a spaceship that must destroy bricks to defend the galaxy

You tasked to break through the stone barrier that hides the planet. To do this, you will have a mobile platform that strelnet ball. This ball will break up the stone blocks, for each of which you will be given points. Striking on the subject of the ball will fly back. Need moving platform to send him back to the mission. So you and will destroy obstacles, but remember if the ball falls you lose. Just bricks can fall different bonuses that they can, so I can simplify and complicate gameplay. With each level the task will be more difficult, but thanks to their speed of reaction and attention, you will pass all the tests and get to the desired planet.

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Controling key:

Use your mouse!

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