Bubble Shooter Candy 2 game

Choose your direction of movement to hit balls of the same color and score points in the online game Bubble Shooter Candy 2. You will be fascinated with this game through the image of colorful candies. Pop two or more candies by hitting them with candy of the same color. The more candies you pop in one go, the more points you get. Failing to pop any candies will result in a foul.

After several fouls, a new line of candy will be added to the top as a penalty. Adjust your winning strategy with each turn. Don't let the ball fall. Choose different positions to move balls of the same color. You will regret the wrong positions. This game of ours appeals to the most demanding players in the ball shooter version. Complete all-new missions with the ball shooting skills you have. Unlock every challenge with the highest score you ever had. You have many ways to play to complete missions with an excellent score. What special itinerary can you explore now?

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How to play:

Use LEFT MOUSE to shoot balls in a matching color area

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Bubble Shooter

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