Bubble Shooter HD 2 game

Bubble Shooter HD 2 is the long-awaited second sequel to the the legendary Bubble Shooter game. Bubble Shooter HD 2 is a combination of the classic Bubble Shooter gameplay combined with brand new graphics in HD quality and new features such as Stats and Novice, Expert and Master modes. What is the highest score you can achieve? Enjoy Bubble Shooter HD 2 now and make bubbles pop!

The iconic arcade game returns with an exciting upgrade in Bubble Shooter HD 2. This classic game now comes with crystal clear HD graphics, refreshing gameplay, and a host of new features. The goal remains the same - pop the bubbles by matching colours. As you progress, the game challenges your skills and strategies in different modes: Novice, Expert, and Master.

How to play:

Align the shooter's targeting arrow so that the tip points at a bubble of the same color as the projectile. Shoot the projectile to make a chain of three or more bubbles. To win, clear the entire field.

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Bubble Shooter

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