Butterfly Connect game

Welcome to the Butterfly Kyodai Mahjong Connect game – free to play in full screen with excellent quality! Connect the same moths as quickly as possible and get a prize – an effective training of visual memory!

In Butterfly Connect, find the identical pairs of wings and join them together to complete the various butterfly types. This connect-2 game is perfect for a quick puzzle break or a longer journey. Venture into the forest to discover all of the butterfly species and finish the levels as quickly as possible.

The logic game with butterflies is based on a simple principle: collect a pair – clear the way for the next move. It is actively used in mahjong games with a multi-layered layout of volumetric tiles, but in our case, we are talking about a flat plane of the playing field with amazing butterflies instead of chips!

How to play:

Your goal in the game is to clear the board by matching paired butterflies with successive clicks. Click alternately on the first and second picture, if a red connection bar appears between them, they are removed, clearing the path for the following connections. At the same time, keep in mind: you can not hesitate – time is running out!

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Azerion Casual Games

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