Butterfly Kyodai HD game

Good observation skills and amazing eye-hand coordination will be the best combination of techniques that can help you gain the top scores in this new ABCya 3 free game called Butterfly Kyodai! The overall gameplay and style of play are similar to the famous matching game of Pikachu that most kids enjoyed on our collection. With this new version, instead of matching characters, the players will have to train their eyes to spot the right pair of butterflies with identical patterns or colors on their wings. There will be a lot of elaborated design, difficult patterns and hard-to-spot color combinations, therefore, search all nook and cranny for the perfect pair.

Only a line with no more than 2 breaks can be used to connect two pieces, and it's best if these are located on the rear edge or the ends of the board. If the pieces are covered or hidden behind other ones, you need to find a way to break some paths before starting to match them. Not only will there be a time limitation for each board but the scores will also be deducted for any hints that you select.

Other than the fast and intense gameplay, this game will be a good option for a classic gaming selection but with some twists to make your playtime more addictive and enjoyable! For the highest rank possible, feel free to go your way and demonstrate some lightning-fast thinking now!

How to match the butterflies in Butterfly Kyodai:

Click on two butterflies to match them. The game will automatically remove the matched pairs off the board and add up the scores for you.

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