Candy Rush game

Candy Rush is an extremely addictive logic game where you must collect the necessary number of blocks from two to four different types in order to pass each level. There are limits on the number of steps you can take, but there are no restrictions on boosts, making the game even more enjoyable! You can finish this thrilling game with the help of the 100 levels and in-game store. For instance, how many levels can you finish in five minutes? Is that a speed run, baby? Play together!

In the new exciting online game  you will collect candies and other sweets. In front of you on the screen you will see the playing field inside, divided into an equal number of cells. All of them will be filled with various sweets. You will have to carefully examine everything and find a cluster of identical sweets that are next to each other. You will have to select one of the items with the mouse. This way you will remove this accumulation of identical sweets from the playing field and for this you will be given points in the game Candy Rush. You will need to score as many points as possible in the time allotted to complete the level.

Such a great game turns to waste if you don't recommend it to your friends so that they can join the game as well! Keep your brain sharp and ready to solve the puzzles and challenge your brain with more and more questions in the games like GBox ChessMazes and Jewel Art!

Instruction to play: Use WASD / arrow keys / drag the left mouse button to move around.

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ISS Game Studio

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