Cat Safari 2 game

The boxes contain different cats. You will unbox and match two identical cats in the game Cat Safari 2. Share the game world for free with your friends at Create cute cats in the colorful animal app. Mysterious barrels seem to regularly appear in a large abandoned field. Each crate contains an adorable kitten. Combining two similar types of cats creates something completely new.

This game is an example of breeding new cat breeds. Experience the unique cat game and start a cat evolution of your own. If you love cats, join our online game. With lovely graphics, this game attracts many players. Combine new cats and create the ultimate cat you'll discover in our online game's journey. Join this constant evolution game for a spectacular chance. Combine cats from regular mix into purebred cats into big cats. You can observe their colors and make the best choice for the game. Virtual customers are looking for specific varieties. Sell ​​cats in the game currency that you can use to customize your pasture.

What new breed of cat have you created? Complete a challenging journey in our game. Players love the world of online games in their spare time. Share games with your friends anytime. ABCya game has many new games of different themes for players to choose from. Don't miss your journey today. We help players expand the world of online games without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. Do not hesitate to discover your favorite game today.

How to play:

Use the left mouse button to combine cats

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