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Civilization is a fascinating evolution game in which you must manage an entire civilization starting with its first inhabitant. Free online games have always reached unexpected grounds. This time you will be able to experience first-hand the beginnings of our civilization, but first you will have to go back a few millennia and guide those poor, little, hard-working cavemen so that they begin to take their first steps.

Start playing the game as an old man who never wanted to work. Instead, he created his own local civilization where everyone works for him. In the end, he has to work as well, since someone has to come up with many different mechanisms to create and improve the daily lives of everyone. You take your civilization through different eras, starting in the middle ages and getting up to the space age, all the while gathering resources. Start slowly by gathering stone and building basic structures. After that, you will be able to hire people who will work for you. Start expanding your city.


WASD = move, Mouse = move / work

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