Congested Car Parking game

Are you good at parking? Let’s have a test. Congested Car Parking is now available at offering 20 challenging and exciting levels. Each level requires you to park your car at a marked parking lot. Get in your car and drive it to the required parking lot. To get there, follow the giant arrow above your car. It’s not easy to find that parking lot because before getting there, you have to go through a series of obstacles and each time you hit an obstacle, you lose a heart.

You have 5 hearts in a level and you can’t earn more. So, if you play a racing game, it will be great to drive your car at max speed. However, in this Frivland parking game, it’s better to drive slowly. Just a small touch can make you lose a heart; therefore, driving slowly helps you to avoid crashing into obstacles on the way. When you see the parking lot, make sure your car stays still on that lot for 3 seconds. And when the timer goes to 0, you succeed and you can move to the next level.

Like other level-based games out there, the difficulty increases slightly from level 1 to level 20. It doesn’t mean that level 1 is the easiest and level 20 is the most challenging one. It depends on several aspects but you will indeed face more obstacles later on. Do not give up if you have to restart a level several times. Keep calm and practice, then you will succeed. Show off your car-parking skills and enjoy other cool games such as Funny Cars Route and Prado Car Parking Games Sim.

Controls: Arrow keys.

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Instant Games Studio

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