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Lego games are popular all over the world. You can use all kinds of small parts to form incredible three-dimensional puzzles, such as cars, bicycles, houses, etc. If you are a big fan of Lego, don't miss the Construction Set! There are many unopened Lego toys on the shelf. Your task is to unpack, take out all the parts and follow the instructions to join together. You can choose your favorite Lego or share this game with your friends!

Lego games are the most popular among kids as they are suitable for kids of most ages from 3 years old and up. If you would like to enjoy more virtual versions of Lego packages without having to purchase it all, why don't you take a look at this game of Construction Set from ABCya-3 puzzle games online 2021? In this little store, you are free to take any model or package that you like and puzzle it up as you do with the real-life Lego packages. Choose and use all kinds of small parts available in the pack so that you can form the most accurate and incredible three-dimensional models. The list of shapes, sizes, and models range widely from cars, trucks, boats, bicycles to houses and such. 

Don't forget that as you unpack the chosen puzzle pack, make sure to check and see if all the parts have been taken out. Only then will you have enough pieces to arrange and assemble. Let's share with some of your friends and check out their collection of Legos online here too!

Controlling keys:

Click and move the pieces using the mouse cursor.

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