Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure game

Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure is an entertaining match 3 game with a background story in which cook Sara wants to help her friend sell her house with her cooking skills.

Our chef Sara needs help, therefore we use the "finger" or the "mouse" to match pairs of 3 ingredients together. The amount of moves we are allowed to do should always be looked after to reach our goals we got per level. All informations can be found in the sidebar. Also the power ups can be unlocked and help us in certain situations in the later levels.

The goal in this game is to make matches of three by swapping two adjacent pieces vertically or horizontally. This can be done by clicking (or tapping) and swiping through the two pieces. Making larger matches will create power ups that are activated by being swapped with any item, or are double-tapped.

Each level has a goal to complete within a certain amount of moves. Complete the level to collect a chef hat. Chef hats allow you to progress in the story and unlock new items. Failing to complete the level will cost a life. Lives are regenerated every 30 minutes, with a maximum of 5 lives being allowed to be held at a time.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Azerion Casual Games

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