Dad Escape game

Dad Escape is a super interesting hide-and-seek game at Abcya3 with many little heroes. You need to overcome all of the obstacles and solve the maze before daddy catches you. Collect super bonuses and use traps to stop the enemies. Use coins to unlock a new skin in the game shop. 

In this game, you'll embark on a quest to escape Dad's watchful eye by navigating through a series of intricate room mazes filled with obstacles and traps. The premise of Dad Escape is simple yet entertaining: you must guide the young protagonist to the exit door while avoiding being caught by Dad. Each level presents a new room filled with obstacles, switches, and other interactive elements that you'll need to master to successfully evade Dad's pursuit.

Instruction to play:

- Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the movement of the baby.

- Press the spacebar to interact with surrounding objects and trap mechanisms.

- Be strategic in using the objects and traps to prank the daddy and create distractions.

- Navigate through the maze while avoiding detection from the daddy.

- Overcome all the tricky traps and reach the end of the maze before daddy catches you.

- Use your wit and quick thinking to outsmart the daddy and ensure your escape.

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