Dino Evolution 3D game

Welcome to the cruel world of dinosaurs in Dino Evolution 3D, where the only way to survive is to become the strongest! To become the strongest, you must collect various fruits. These fruits will give you different powers and abilities, such as increased strength, speed, and defense. The more fruits you collect, the stronger you will become.

The world of dinosaurs is waiting for you in the game Dino Evolution 3d and it is quite cruel. Only the one who knows how to stand up for himself survives, destroying his opponent and leaving him only a bare skeleton. Choose a location: green or sandy and go on a journey, collecting different types of food. Try not to get into the danger zone. It surrounds the location from all sides with a gradually advancing fog. When entering the fog, your dinosaur will lose strength and then die, so try to avoid the fog. Collect only food and attack dinosaurs whose life value is lower than yours. Those who have already managed to raise their level to unimaginable heights are not yet available to you, you should not even try in Dino Evolution 3d.

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