DinoMatch: Mahjong Pairs game

The objective of the game Dinomatch: Mahjong Pairs is to connect pairs of exactly matching tiles to make them disappear from the screen. Will you manage to clear the game board in record time?

Look at the dinosaurs drawn on each piece and connect them quickly to get a high score. As the game progresses the difficulty will increase, making it much more difficult to complete the screen. Squeeze your brain, take your time and get as many stars as possible thanks to your magnificent work. Have a great time

How to Play:

Control with a simple click to select a tile, then click on the matching tile to connect them. Remember, you can only connect tiles if the line between them makes no more than two turns. Keep in mind the time limit, as you need to clear all of them before time runs out. Progress through the levels by securing a certain number of stars which unlocks new tiles and harder configurations.

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