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Have you ever met Dr. Green Alien before? Do you know him? Forget about these questions because you have something to care about now. This cute character is embarking on an adventure and he wants you to join. He is on a mission right now. He has to collect every single toxic waste barrel scattered around from this area to that area. He will appear from the orange area and he has to reach the blue area.

If you think it’s easy to go from the starting point to the finish point, you’re wrong. Dr. Green Alien has to go through a series of obstacles such as saws, spikes, bottomless gaps, and more. Once he crashes into one of those obstacles, he will respawn at the starting point because he has only one life. One of the unique features of this game compared to other adventure games that you have played at abcya 3 is that you will return to level 1 if you fail in any levels later on. So, make sure you take action carefully to keep the alien safe. Each level doesn’t require you to reach the target within a given time.

So, take your time to jump over all the deadly traps, and don’t forget to collect every single toxic waste barrel. If you leave one behind, you have to go back to pick it up. Otherwise, you can’t move to the next area. You are a pro player when it comes to adventure games, aren’t you? Then, this 2playergames game can’t make you difficult. You just need to be careful to conquer it.

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