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If you enjoy playing the newest games at Abcya3games.net, save rewarding and soothing activities for the end of each hour of rigorous study. Every player is prepared to share unique gaming areas using the newest games, which are updated every day, and they all have the most fundamental gaming advice. Draw the ideal trajectory, then attempt to fire. Players are always interested in this straightforward game. Quests will gradually become more numerous.

Find the knife's path to collect the gold coins and kill the enemies fastest. Master it and find the best knife path to solve the puzzle in our game. Don't forget to avoid bumps and make sure your knife hits the target. Unlock all levels in this game. Different opponents will be subdued. With the amazing ability to throw knives, you will become the hero of this new game. Countless online players won this easy game with the highest score. If the path the knife moves stumble over rocks, you may lose. Observe the distance and make the best choice in this special journey.

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Use the left mouse to draw the knife path

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