Erase One Element game

Which element needs erasing in this game of Erase One Element from ABCya3 land? You will be required to participate in one of the most puzzling games in which the interacting elements for new gameplay are enhanced greatly. The players will be solving a new genre of puzzles. Instead of classic sudoku or board puzzle, this game is all about interacting to clear out the levels. You need to read the requirement for each stage, decide how you can carry out the task, and choose the most suitable way to win.

There are tons of cunning problems, tough quizzes, and formidable problems that need to be solved. Plenty of tricky riddles and unique themed games are here for you to explore. The variety of the riddles might vary from guessing the correct character, saving a drowning man, helping the guy to get stronger, to charging an item on the game screen. The variety of tasks will keep the players on their toes with constantly changing quizzes, puzzles, and problems. Don't erase any excessive parts or else the goal of the stage will not be met. Enhance your problem-solving and try to develop your wits more and more with this exciting game online at!

How long will it take for you to crack all of these 100 exciting levels, each with a unique funny plot? Learn the intuitive approach and operation for the tasks which will change your way of thinking! First, study the requirement and observe the setting of the level before swiping the bar of the eraser to clear the unnecessary parts. Don't mistakenly remove any other part or else the game will be over.

How to play:

Click and drag the mouse to interact.

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Mirra Games

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