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Do you love tossing balls? All that fun will be available in the online game Faceball at ABCya 3. Are you ready to join the exciting game right now? You will have a lot of fun experiences with your friends. We will have interesting and truly memorable experiences. The new version will have many surprises. Don't hesitate to miss this great opportunity. You need to join some more exciting games. A game where you need to beat other players with a ball. Swipe to rotate everyone at once.

Hit the red players with the ball and protect the green players. Aim carefully and shoot carefully. Try to complete as many levels as possible. Games are fun puzzles. You will play and experiment with different ways of throwing the ball. All will have to be effective. You will play against different players. Throw the ball to knock everyone down. What are you waiting for? Enjoy Faceball online game now. Feel more and more new things in this game. You will feel really excited when playing.

Use physical techniques to create precise pitching angles. Each level will gradually increase in difficulty. You will encounter obstacles. Or hit many people at once. Those are the fun puzzles of this game. You absolutely have the ability to win. Together we complete the mission. The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass and how many scores will you get? It all depends on your ingenuity. You will feel many of the differences in this game. Enjoy and share the fun with your friends.

Game controls:

Use a mouse to play the game.

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Nevar Games

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