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The key of this new ABCya online game 4 kids: Fill Pix will be the art of coloring in a symmetrical order. Can you navigate well in a frame that has symmetrical patterns? The goal of this new game is to allow the players to spread their imagination and creativity while challenging their memory with shapes, colors, and puzzles. You will need to conquer the tasks of coloring these shapes so that the final result matches the sample design as much as possible. Regardless of the request to match the original image, this game is all about relaxing and coloring during your free time.

Hop into this coloring matching game where you get to pick the color base on the guidance to fill into all blank pixelated blocks. It's up to you to choose the order of filling and the colors to use first and last. Do whatever it takes to make sure there's no blank left and the final image matches what was given at the beginning of the game. There will be more twists with harder frames or more detailed shapes for you to clear when you progress to the higher stages. Are you ready to conquer all these available levels with different themed images?Fill in as fast as possible, choose the right color, and let your imagination or artistic sense fly!

How to play:

Click to choose the color and fill in the pixelated blocks.

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