Fire vs Water Fights game

Choose the character of fire or water to join the fun boxing game Fire Vs Water Fights. ABCya 3 game offers many fighting games for players to participate in challenging battles at any leisure time. Enjoy a fun and full-of-effects action game. This game upgrade has attracted many players around the world to join and enjoy the best moment. Send quick punches to your opponent with your light effects fighter, and don't waste your super punch when it's ready.

The opponent is powerful. Observe and move accurately to destroy them and survive the different rounds. Do you have a chance to win this war? Whether you choose to fight fire or fight the water, you must win 2 rounds in a row. This game has 1 player or 2 player option. Let's start the battle with combat instructions for any player. There are many different battles for you to complete and pass in your spare time. Join our online game after every hour of intense study. If you lose the first rounds, train and overcome different challenges at Choose from water or fire versions depending on your preference. Share these fighting tips with your friends. Some fighting games are similar to this one, and you are ready to show off your skills in your spare time. Complete different missions and win these special game spaces anytime you want.

How to play:

Player 1: WASD for movement, G for super punch;

Player 2: Arrow keys to move, P for super punch

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RHM Interactive

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