Football 3D game

All it takes is one simple keyboard, internet connection, and time to enjoy this multiplayer game of Football 3D from the collection of ABCya's new game! It's perfect for taking on your friends in one tough face-off filled with free-kick matches. You will have a chance to shine in the PvP or Career Mode by scoring goals, setting the highest records, and having the dream team for conquering the championship. In the Career mode, you will be hopping from one stadium to another and taking the hardest challenges to win medals.

For each successful task, a medal will be given to you as a reward. Don't forget to enhance your pace and capabilities by practicing in the in-game mode! In the second mode, which is the PvP, you will pick a team and go head to head with another in the showdown for penalties. Regardless of the game mode that you pick, this game will guarantee the best gameplay with simple yet thrilling enjoyment for endless competitive football challenges. To win, perform the best penalty shots or save the ball with your perfect coordination of the finger! As this game connects real-time players, you get a chance to play against real friends from all over the world!

Feel free to pick your favorite team from the batch and enjoy the interesting experience of playing as a representative of your favorite team, ranging from FC Barcelona, to Liverpool, to Argentina and so on. Action-based movement is always on the line, so be on your feet and move to catch up with other opponents on the field. Thrive in this world of football action and learn a tip or two for yourself to claim the World cup championship!


Play with the mouse.

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