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Football Kickoff is a fun online sports game that can be played for free on

It's game season in Football Kickoff, and you should carry your team to the top in this challenging tournament. Get ready to aim and shoot the ball to the goalposts to earn points. How well will you perform?

Wear your helmet and wave to your fans as you enter the stadium. Your objective in this game is to earn a high score. When you start the game, your character will run to the position, and you will have the control. To throw the ball, use your mouse. Click on the ball, drag your cursor while holding the left mouse button down, and release the LMB to throw the ball. There are three areas on the goalpost that will give you points. The center part is colored green, and it rewards the most points. But it is a small area so you might need some practice before you can hit it. Surrounding the green area, there is the yellow section. And around the yellow section, there is the red area.

Join this game multiple times and save to your favorite game list to discover a whole new gaming space with other content games. Surely this will be the favorite game that you want to take the time to relax and play when you have free time. Unlock all levels in some new sports games such as Soccer Maze and Penalty Shooters 3.

Game controls: Use your mouse to play.

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