Foxy Land 2 game

Be ready to protect and save the little foxes in this new gaming adventure of Foxy Land 2 - the sequel to the original fox story! It's another chance for you to plunge into an interesting yet thrilling adventure with the lovely Foxy! Tim and Cindy were kidnapped after an attack by the evil foxes, so it's time you assist Foxy and Jenny to track this dangerous and exciting adventure to save the little ones.

This road trip will take place around the island as you need to find out where the wolf brothers keep the little foxes. It's a new arcade game with multiple levels for you to overcome and to gain cherries. Prepare for the final battle against the wolf and gather more tips when exploring these new lands. You can even meet some other new characters and inhabitants, or learn how to overcome the most deadly traps. Plenty of newly added plot twists are here for you to complete. Emerge in the world of gaming with a 2D platform that is perfect for all browsers. The backbone story of this game is inspired by the theme of Mario game, racer, sonic, hollow knight, and plenty of strange characters. Hit the others using your shooting forces wisely so as to keep progressing forward in the game.

How to play:

move using A,

and D keys or arrows.

Use W or up arrow to jump,

G to shoot for player 1,

and L to shoot for player 2.

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Published by company:

Stickman vs Monster School Team

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