Gem Stacker game

Gem Stack is a very interesting parkour game. It can take you through the whole process from gem to ring! Every step from gem to ring is tough! Break, cut, shine and upgrade gems. So they can make more money! Of course, don't forget to avoid obstacles! Your customers are waiting for your service! Make the most beautiful ring ever! You will be the next gem master!

First, you find some shaped diamond frames, which are covered with soil, which is invisible to ordinary people. Then you punch out the diamonds from these diamond mines through a punching machine, and then use a shape fixer to fix the gravel mines into shapes. You know the appearance of diamonds, and then combine them with rings to make a diamond ring. It can be said that your cost is very low, and you have obtained a particularly expensive diamond. I believe that with this great invention, you can become the richest man in the world. Come back and try the location.

Game Controls:

Use the mouse to move the hand, or use your finger and swipe on touchscreen.

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