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If Tetris was one of your favorite games as a child, this new updated version from abcya land with the name of Gurido3 will bring a new generation of minimalistic puzzle games with similar gameplay to you! The main rules remain mostly unchanged and it resembles the rules from Tetris a lot. However, the puzzle pieces that you are dealing with are not in the same color block. There will be lots of irregularity-shaped and colored figures dropped down a 10x10 grid. To place them neatly on the board, pay attention to the color distribution of the blocks on each puzzle piece and decide accordingly.

If you manage to drag the necessary ones to a blank space of the grid and create a line filled with five or more cells of the same color, you will be able to gain scores from clearing that mentioned blocks. However, it's not easy to arrange and clear the connected cells due to the difference in shapes and sizes. How will you deal with this series of connected cells and randomly new blocks? Keep an eye out for hidden powerful items that show up from time to time on the board as they can be helpful for clearing more cells. Your puzzle pieces can be rotated before it hits the bottom of the board.

Come up with a strategy using the list of puzzle pieces showing up on the right-side pane on your screen. The players can find out the two upcoming pieces and choose their moves accordingly. It's about arranging the scattered pieces on this square blocked board without leaving any blank space behind!


Click to move the puzzle.

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