Hidden Cats: Detective Agency game

Hidden Cats: Detective Agency will test your ability with solving crimes, cracking cases, and get more money. In this agency, the detective will participate in the quest to search for the hidden cats in the pictures! You simply need to find all the hidden and blurred cats inside each presented frame and get to them before the other players do. Once you have understood the mechanism of the game and can solve all types of cases, it's time to earn rewards and aim for the highest results! Join the adventure with Faye the main character as her job is to search all nooks and crannies to find lost cats.

Plenty of them are hiding around, so make sure to team up with your kitty companion whenever needed. The kitty companion by the name of Carrot can assist you to crack cases faster and earn gold easier. Each level will take place in different scenery, so feel free to get to these strange places and explore by yourself. A tip for newbies is to quickly scan each image to look for the obvious ones first. These usually are hidden around the largest areas of the painting, therefore easy to spot. Don't lose hope if you haven't gotten the gist of the game after the first trial!

Keep learning and enjoy the fun with these unlocked achievements and high scores! Soon enough, you will become the top detective in the agency, as long as your streak of cat found keeps increasing from one stage to another!

Controlling keys:

Click to choose and find the items.

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