Hidden Magic OG game

Hidden Magic OG is the new gaming selection where the players join the adventure where they seek to find out all the missing objects. These items will be hidden in the forest, but they are helpful to get the alchemist power. By collecting as many as possible, you can help the alchemist create magic, deliver spells and potions in this challenges puzzle game. Not only will it be a new adventure that you can enjoy for free but it's also a magic atmosphere with 3D casual gameplay. Let's start diving into the highly detailed storyline of this fairy tale game!

The first task that you need to master is the work of seeking and locating these objects as they are scattered around the place. Find them among the routes and explore new places. Beautiful 3D graphics are embedded in every scenery along with 42 upgrading levels. Another highlight of this ABCya3 game is the intuitive interface and user-friendly control key set. Find the missing piece for each puzzle and rearrange if necessary. How long would it take to locate the objects as they are displayed on your screen?

There are more than just one room, so you need to search every nook and cranny to find them across all the locations or rooms as quickly as possible. The game is time-bound as well, therefore, don't stop hovering for too long. 

How to play:

Use the touchpad or mouse cursor to control and interact with the characters and items.

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Ringier Axel Springer Polska

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Hidden Object


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