Home Makeover 2 Hidden Object game

Welcome to Home Makeover 2 Hidden Object online game at ABCya puzzle games. Would you like to get started now? Together we will discover a lot of interesting things when participating in this game. Be careful not to get confused. Imagine a quaint riverside house filled with valuables. Many neighbors and antique hunters want to get their hands on those. What do you think about this business deal?

Look for the items requested by the buyers and exchange them for the right amount. Enjoy the fun of playing the Home Makeover 2 Hidden Object online game at https://abcya3games.net/. You will fall in love with it the first time you play it. Would you like to invite your friends to join you? Very simple jobs. Find items inside this old property by the river. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčitems to neighbors for money to restore your home with new furniture, find missing home documents and records, and more. This game is sure to take you on an adventure you don't want to leave.

Many objects will be recreated here. You need to follow the request. Observe closely and finish early on items that are hidden under other objects. With a romantic setting, the wonderful interiors will captivate you. The game has many levels. Get close to those wonderful experiences. The game has many levels. Explore the maximum levels in this game and become really rich people.

Game controls:

Click or tap to find hidden object.

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Origaming Media

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Hidden Object

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