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Basketball is a popular online game. But unlike other basketball games this game you just need to move your basket to the position of the falling ball. Then he is inspired to select it into the basket. You have completed the mission. Simple, right? Hoop Star, however, has never been so simple to play. Please play the game so that we may all learn together and take advantage of the many difficult objectives it offers. Watch how quickly your expertise is used. You can't control the ball because it is dropping so swiftly and in such an erratic location.

So you only need to watch and your reflexes are very agile and move to the place of the ball. This will cause you to stop the game immediately. Let's move the basket to catch the ball very quickly to get you a high score. The falling ball can be 2 or 3 balls at the same time. Is it difficult? Yes, you will be in good control of this battle if you have a skill. Otherwise, you will become a failure. Luck will smile at you in this game. Let's enjoy and have fun in the mission with fun balls. If you have not completed the mission.

Let's start all over again without having to worry about anything. All you need to do is play and relax in the best way. Show off your skills and enjoy the charm the ball gives you. Don't keep the game to yourself forever share it with your friends, along with your friends who join in this game Hoop Star together become the best basketball players full of great skill.


Use the mouse to be able to control the basket with the most accuracy.

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