Idle Zoo Safari Rescue game

In Idle Zoo: Safari Rescue, you'll undertake a noble cause of saving endangered animals and creating a thriving space for them to live. This action-packed game allows players to harness the profits generated by their animals to improve their habitats and expand their zoo. With each upgrade, the zoo becomes more prosperous, giving you the opportunity to rescue even more animals.

Idle Zoo Safari Rescue is an incremental or idle game that takes you to a life of a zookeeper. Your main objective in this game is to manage the zoo and make it grow. To do so, you have to earn coins from the revenue that you get from the zoo. As an incremental or idle game, this one work even with less or without the player’s interaction. You may start your journey by manually clicking the animal’s habitat but as soon as you purchase the “automate” or auto-clicker feature for each animal, the money will be generated automatically and all you need to do is to collect them. To increase your revenue, you must upgrade each habitat to the maximum level. If you have earned enough money, you can unlock and welcome new animals to your zoo. In addition to that, players can take advantage of some of the game’s reward systems, including the Daily login bonus and achievement system. There are also collectible items that will give you more reasons to enjoy the game. If you think you have the skills to become the best zookeeper, feel free to play Idle Zoo Safari Rescue and see what else this amazing idle game has to offer.


Mouse - Click to Interact

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