Jewels Blitz 5 game

Jewels Blitz 5 online game the long-awaited legendary game takes you deep into the mysteries of the ancient cultures of Central America. You will find it very interesting to go back in history and play with new passions. The game will attract you with extremely eye-catching graphics. Surely you will be in a trance and can't get out.

Your task is very simple. You will explore Mayan temples and try to solve their secrets and mysteries. Enjoy hundreds of levels. Daily missions and weekly challenges. Earn gold and magic items! To explore each of those mysterious temples you will have to solve challenging puzzles. With each completed puzzle you will open a new village. And so on until you explore all places gently. Are you ready to experience Jewels Blitz 5 online game at You will find everything is not too difficult. We will play together and overcome many difficulties and challenges. Ready for a new battle. Our puzzle is the challenge of collecting gems.

Match at least 3 shiny gems of the same type to make them disappear. Use their secret powers to remove jungle obstacles and magical seals. Climb your way across the map to increasingly difficult levels. The game is very fun. Collect gems with unique attractive features. The gems will draw you into this rich space. There are so many wonderfully beautiful colors to choose from. Become the richest person in this game.


Use a mouse or touch screen on a mobile device.

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