Jewels Kyodai Mahjong game

Jewels Kyodai Mahjong is a tile-matching game based on Chinese Mahjong that features a jungle exploration theme. The player matches identical pairs of knapped, black stone tiles that display painted images related to temples and treasures, such as highly valued jewelry, carved masks and cut jewels. They must clear the entire playfield and earn as many gold coin points as possible.

Each level has a cluster of mixed tiles in it. To pair tiles and remove them, simply click on one and then on another. Keep in mind that not every tile is selectable. These tiles are covered by others and can't be moved until you free them. At the top of the screen, starting from the left, you can see how many possible matches are there, the number of tiles you've matched, the name of the puzzle, and finally, your score. With each pairing, you will earn a multiplier for your score. Make pairings fast to have a higher multiplier so you can earn lots of points! If you are stuck, you can shuffle the tiles or ask for a hint from the bottom of the screen! Enjoy!

How to play:

Check the board for matching uncovered tiles with at least one left or right edge unattached to any other tile. Select a tile. Wait for it to display a pink-purple glow. Select the matching tile. Repeat these steps as quickly as possible to achieve multipliers and clear the entire playfield.

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