Jungle Jewels Connect game

Jungle Jewels Connect is the latest hyper casual game online for kids of all ages to have fun with a simple and challenging game of matching. Emerge in this jungle world and explore the fruits here with abcya3 puzzle games! Your goal in this game will be to conquer all the available levels and game modes as possible. To clear one level, the players need to match all the available pairs of fresh jungle fruit tiles as shown on the screen. Once all the pairs or groups have been removed, the board is cleared and the game is over.

The faster you do it, the higher your scores will be. There are some hints given to you on the game to avoid blockages. Each hint can help to reveal a pair of jungle fruits, therefore, you need to use it only when you are stuck. The key is to pay extra attention to the timer because the clock is running. If you fail to clear the board before the time runs out, you can't move forward to the next stages. In case there is no remaining move available, the board will automatically shuffle using the remaining shuffle item.

Make sure to keep track of both the time and shuffle items left. Are you ready for these three board sizes or game modes: Easy, Medium, or Hard? To unlock Medium mode, you have to reach at least level 3 in easy mode. For Hard mode, the criteria are level 5 in Medium mode. A line with a maximum of 3 line segments and doesn't touch other lines will be used in this game. Do you have the necessary intelligence, good observation, and great puzzle-solving skills to win this game of ABCya3

Game controls:

Use the mouse to move the fruit tiles.

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