Kingdoms Wars game

Kingdom Wars is a fun, turn-based strategy game in which you fight hordes of evil enemies and try to keep them from attacking your castle. Throw the dice and step into the Kingdoms Wars game! Monopoly alike, the objective of this board game is to travel around the globe, buying streets and building hotels onto them. Going to jail, pulling bonus cards, paying fees to the king, and paying overpriced when you stay at your competitor houses, are parts of the game. Collect rents, upgrade your hotels, and have fun traveling around!

Kingdom Wars has the main task of defending against attacks from monsters. The main screen will be divided into two halves, the left is the main house of our army, the right is the enemy’s house. Enemy soldiers will keep coming to destroy our city, so we need to send troops to fight. In addition, players can also use special skills from the main house. However, the number of uses they are limited, should only be used in emergency situations.

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Instruction to play: Use the mouse or keyword to play.


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ISS Game Studio

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2 Player



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