Kings of Blow game

Kings of Blow is yet an exciting game. It has unique gameplay that will make you laugh and have great leisure time just like so many games. As its name, the game is about blowing. You and your opponent sit facing each other. In between the two is a tube. There is food in the tube and your task is to blow hard and fast to push that food into your opponent's mouth. That’s it. You can see 2 buttons on the screen.

One is inhale button and another is exhale button. Above your character's head is a lung. When you run out of breath, you have to quickly tap or click on the inhale button. After the lung is full of air, you quickly tap or click on the inhale button until the food in the tube is sucked out by your opponent. Winning and you get a prize which is some coins. You can use coins to upgrade your lung capacity. Here at Abcya 3, upgrading is important. By upgrading, your volume of air in the lungs increase Therefore, you can blow out more air and take a breath fewer times. After each win, you will match with a stronger opponent. To win, you need to be faster than your opponent. Slower than your opponent and you will have to suck in your mouth something that you don’t want. Look at the thing inside the tube and you will find the motivation to win at all costs.


Tap or click.

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