Love Tester Deluxe game

If you are wondering if your crush is the matching person for you, why don't try out this deluxe version of Love Tester Deluxe from ABCya3 online game? This machine has tons of options for you to select from any question that you want an answer. Would you like to know your compatibility level with your crush? Or how would you get along with a new friend? There are all types of couple scores on this machine, ranging from Compatibility, Chemistry, Friendship, to the final goal of Passion!

This game allows you to use it for all people around you, from classmates, colleagues, to friends or your lovers, as long as you have the other person's name. All you need to do is simply enter the names of the couple you want to know the test result. Once both are input, just hit any of the available buttons to select the types of test that you would like to know. The machine will run a random test and show the results in percentage about the question that you chose before. Feel free to hit the other buttons to see the other results for the rest of the scores if you like without having to input the names again.

The "Final Results" button will sum up all the results and show you all the answers that you hit on. Keep on the game and have fun sharing with your besties for the most entertaining and hilarious time guessing the results! A wide range of girl games, cooking games, dress-up, and make-up games are for your choosing!

Controlling keys:

Click on the buttons to choose and input the names using the keyboard.

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