Lucky Golden Piggies game

Lucky Golden Piggies is a simple but fun merging game about raising money for piggy banks. A small container called a piggy bank is used for storing cash. Typically, it has a pig form. In this case, improving piggy banks will earn you money instead of putting money in them to save money. To acquire the highest level piggy banks, you basically have to upgrade your way through a puzzle game. You accomplish it by combining two identical piggy banks.

You tap and click on the piggy bank button on the bottom of the screen to get the lowest level piggy banks. With 10 clicks or tap 10 times on that button, you get 1 piggy bank. Then when 2 of the same piggy banks appear on the gameboard, you drag this piggy bank to that one and get a new one. On ABCya 3, each piggy bank on the game board auto-produces money over time. The higher the piggy bank, the more money you get. You can see a process bar at the top of the screen. That bar fills up when you merge 2 identical piggy banks.

As it’s full, you level up and a slot is unlocked each time. You can use the money to buy new piggies in the shop and sometimes you will get a special bag that gives you a randomly piggy bank. Besides, can you merge your way to the ultimate golden piggy bank? This game has no different from other merging games that you have played. It has a simple concept and control, then kids can play as well.


Mouse to merge the same piggy banks.

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