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Marble shooter games are the classic games that you may have played several times before, right? Here at abcya3, we would like to introduce you to a brand-new bubble shooter game that will keep you hooked for hours. Your main mission is the same as other options of the same genre which is to shoot all bubbles before they run away. However, there is something different here. If in other choices, your cannon stays still in one place, here you can move it around each time you shoot. This makes the game easier and also more challenging.

Because you are so used to the old controls, you may feel confused in this game but don’t worry. Pay attention and after a few levels, you will master the control mechanic and nothing can stop you from destroying those marbles. The marbles will gradually move toward the exit. To eliminate the marbles, you have to shoot at groups of more than 2 marbles that have the same color. If you shoot a marble that has a different color to the target marbles in this ABCya classic game, you add one marble to the line. Don’t make too many mistakes. Otherwise, you create enemies for yourself.

Choose a suitable position to place your cannon and aim accurately to shoot down all marbles and conquer every single level here. Remember that you can shoot in any desired direction. Of course, the challenge level of the game increases from the first level to the final level. Maybe, the moving speed of the marbles will increase. Get ready to deal with new challenges. Have fun and feel free to check out other games on our site. You are sure to find your favorite ones here.

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Gameloft SE

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