Mahjong Holiday game

Holiday Mahjong is suitable for both adults and children, you can play free online at abcya3 games. The game which can raise your festive mood. Quite an interesting version of the game. Where, instead of the usual cards, a player can see cards with New Year’s images of different hats, Christmas trees, mistletoes and other holiday decorations. Moreover, the game has Christmas song on the background.

Your objective in this game is to complete each level. The gameplay mechanics are similar to most mahjong games: you have to pair identical tiles to remove them from the board. But instead of traditional symbols, the tiles in this game have holiday and travel-themed icons on them, from hot dogs to landmarks. With its 100 levels, this game offers hours of fun. When you start playing a level, you can see your score bar on the right side of the screen. You can earn up to 3 stars on each level, and the amount you get depends on your final score. 

Enjoy the magical mahjong and have fun!

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Published by company: Azerion Casual Games
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