Melodic Tiles game

Melodic Tiles is a music tiles matching game. Match identical tiles in groups to clear the playing field in this music-themed puzzle game. Let the light of the super troupers shine on your performance as you unblock and match the tiles together. Try the Rehearsal game mode for free play or unlock your inner music maestro and match the tiles to the beat of the music in the Concert game mode.

The player can only remove two or more matching tiles in uncovered, adjacent positions, such as above and below and side by side. When the tiles disappear, the game automatically drops any non-matching tiles above the set into the gaps that form. It also moves tiles toward the left side of the screen. If these actions position the remaining tiles next to matching ones, the game automatically removes those tiles as well.

Melodic Tiles helps the player with two boosters. They can reshuffle all tiles to reveal hidden matches using a double-arrow shuffle button. They can remove non-matching tiles with black round bombs. The game supplies plenty of these bombs over time. It also helps by highlighting any adjacent, matching tiles with a special shine effect.

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Game controls:

Mouse: Click buttons. To remove an entire set of matching tiles, click one tile from the set.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To remove a set of tiles, tap one.

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Azerion Casual Games

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